RGH mod will allow you to run Backups,Emulators and other homebrew on your Xbox 360.It actually does the same thing as the JTAG.

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Below you can see some photos of the installation process.

This Lynx got a new life!

Speaker is replaced for best sound quality.

The board is fully recapped with High Quality made in Japan Caps. (old/bad caps are causing many problems)

The screen is replaced with a Modern LCD screen which makes a HUGE difference in Video Quality and battery consumption.




Give New life to your Atari Lynx with a Modern LCD and play it’s games the way it was meant to be!


With the  NEW LCD  you’ll get twice the runtime on your Lynx , on the same set of batteries.

There are 8 Brightness Levels to choose from.

You will get Modern Crystal clear Image,but if you prefer a RETRO look close to the Original Screen there is the “SCAN LINES” option which creates lines just like the original screen.

(The rubbers under the buttons were also replaced to ensure reliable gaming for many years ahead!)


Original Screen Samples

NEW LCD installation

New Button Rubbers Installation

NEW LCD Samples

Scan Lines samples