Does your Game Gear have scratches on the Lens?We can replace the plastic lens with a Brand New lens made of Glass.

This mod will make your Game Gear Shine,and of course provide you with clear image when playing.

Check the photos below!





Does your Sega Dreamcast ask for Time and Date every time you turn it on?

If yes you are at the right place!!

We can replace the Internal battery and fix the problem.

Below you can see some photos from the process.

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Do you have a Nintendo NES and want to play your favorite imports?

We can region mod your NES!

With the region Mod you can play any region NES games and you can even play your famicom import games (you need an adapter for this).


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Do you have a SEGA GAME GEAR with the listed problems below?

  • LCD Screen only looks good when viewed at an unnatural angle (anything other than 90 degrees).
  • Bright parts of the picture create¬†‘ghost lines’ in the dark parts.
  • Screen looks washed out, dim, and lacking in contrast
  • Sound is very low or no sound at all.






We can repair it for you!
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